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Sleeping Alone

Another Night

This is every night in my bed. Unless I pass out drunk or exhausted, I end up staying up for anywhere from 20-100+ minutes just lying there, waiting for sleep and trying not to think. Most nights there is at least one time in this pre-sleep limbo that I will unconsciously reach over and feel where someone would be if I were not alone in the bed.

I’ll be 27 in 3 months and in my life I have spent all but 5 nights alone in my bed. 4 of those happened just a few months ago. I’ve never slept better than I did those 4 nights, but now I feel the absence even more strongly. The time before that I was 20 and my roommates interrupted because they didn’t want the night to end yet.

That is a lot of nights alone. Almost 10,000 of them (less if you discount the times I slept with my parents or friends as a child). That means roughly 99.95% of all nights I have been alive have been spent alone. It’s a devastating thing to see out this way, really. I have desired companionship and intimacy for over half of my years, but I’ve never known it. I’ve wanted to be held, but I’ve never had it. I’ve wanted to hold, but the times I have number less than a handful. I do not enjoy being alone, yet it is all I have ever known.


As it ties in with sleep and came after drawing this picture, I’m going to add a second story to this post rather than create a new one.

Last night when I went to sleep, I ended up having an amazing and unexpected dream. In it, my best friend and I were out and about and decided to go into a porn shop (not sure why, but it seemed like a good idea). When we went in, my friend went to a vending machine to buy a gourmet dessert (dream logic, eh?). While he was doing this, I decided to sit on one of the couches that they had in the foyer of this place. As I sat down, a very cute woman came up to me and started talking with me. She had the most amazing Russian accent and we were having a fantastic time talking. I eventually move closer and kiss her chastely on the cheek.

At this point, everything changes and we are suddenly at her family’s house having a huge Russian feast to celebrate something. We’re going around and she is introducing me to all of her family and we are having a wonderful time. I remember being nervous while I was there, as though it was the first time I was meeting her family. Overall, it seemed like a grand and joyous occasion and I remember a sense of loving all around.


That sort of dream is relatively unique for me. I never get the girl in my dreams and happy dreams such as this aren’t too common either. I rarely have nightmares, but most dreams I have a very abstract or suspenseful. Because of this, it was a nice change of pace and a great way to start the new year.


Oddity Aplenty: Dreaming of Laughter

I had one of the more interesting experiences of my life last night while I slept. I had a dream that was so funny I actually woke myself up laughing. I’ve never before experienced something like that. I’ve thrashed hard enough to wake myself up, I’ve been shocked into waking up, and I’ve snored loud enough to wake up, but I’ve never had a dream where I was so happy and laughing in it that it translated to me actually waking myself up with laughter. And not just a titter or a giggle, but full on, near-hysterical, belly laugh. it was a wholly unique experience and I was actually a bit euphoric when it happened, even calling it ‘magical’ in a Facebook post that ended up getting lost in the ether.


The question it leaves me with is, ‘Is this the sort of thing that happens when you are happy?’. I believe that dreams do tell us things. Dreams are our mind’s way of decompressing and dealing with the problems of the day and over the course of our life. They are shaped by what we have done and though they may be fantastical and strange sometimes, that is just because we do not always understand how the mind worked through something, or maybe we don’t have the whole picture. Dreams can be powerful things, so I have to wonder if such a happy dream as this (for the laughter and the scene that produced it were not the only happy portion) is a sign that my mind is overcoming things and starting to look at happier aspects.


I figure, if I’m going to talk about the dream and I still remember the dream, I should at least describe it. I tried to do this this morning when i woke up and remembered it better, but for some reason the post to Facebook failed and I lost all that I had typed. Anyways, here goes:


I was walking with someone and we were walking past a porch. On the porch were two close friends (knowing that they were close friends leads me to believe that I knew them). They were both carrying on a conversation and laughing some. One happened to be eating an ice cream cone. As they were talking, they both locked eyes in an overly dramatic and comedic way. After locking eyes, the guy with the ice cream cone started slowly lowering it as though something huge was happening. Whole he was lowering it, the other guy started leaning closer, appearing like he was going to go in for a kiss. He kept leaning, and the ice cream kept lowering, until they were quite close. several inches from what would have been the big moment, they both broke and started laughing at each other, as though it had been some great play for whoever happened to be watching.


However, this wasn’t the truly hysterical part. That was, oddly, only mildly funny. Maybe I had been in on it though or known it was coming, I’m not sure. Then again, I don’t really care if I see two guys make out. It’s about as interesting to me as watching any random couple make out. Anyways, back to the dream.


After the build up and once they had finally stopped laughing some, someone I couldn’t hear must have called out to them from inside wherever the porch was. The leaner turned around to respond to whoever had called out. As he did so, he knocked the ice cream cone out of the hand of the other guy. It just so happens that the other guy had happened to be going in for another lick of the cone, eyes half closed, tongue out, and lips poised to take a soft bite out of the ice cream. Because of their proximity and the ice cream eaters current facial expression, when the leaner knocked the cone out of his hands, his reaction time was too slow to stop his ice cream eating action. This resulted in him licking/kissing the back of the leaner’s neck in what can only be described as the most awkward sensual experience I have ever seen. As soon as it happened, they both shockingly realized what had happened and snapped to and faced each other with the most incredible look of mortification ever, as though even in joking about kissing each other passionately they had never even considered actually doing it and didn’t even want it to happen. As the ice cream hit the floor, they’re eyes flitted around some, trying to determine if anyone had seen them. Of course, I had and I was braying laughter. Laughing so hard, in fact, that it translated into an actual physical laugh that pulled me gently from my sleep.


In the light of the day it may not be so funny, but as I dreamt it I had never seen anything funnier in my life. As said before, I have also never experienced laughing myself awake either, though i take it as a good sign that maybe, just maybe, things really are changing for me.


There was more to the dream as well. I don’t remember much f it, but I do remember there was a love interest. She was just as strange and unique as I was. While it wasn’t a first, it was also one of the few times that the woman in my dream that I was interested in was also interested in me. that actually very rarely happens in my dreams. I’ve actually probably had more dreams where the female interest in my dream outright hated me. Maybe this too is a sign that my mind is changing, finally accepting that there are those out there that would show genuine interest in me.


Another unique part of the dream was that it was a happy dream. Those are very few and far between for me. Generally, the happiest my dreams get is when the tend towards the erotic, but I wouldn’t exactly call those happy dreams. Though there is happiness, they are in a different realm than a truly happy dream. Most often, my dreams tend toward the very surreal, vivid, and dark. Like dreaming of being chased by something, fighting, or even murder on occasion (never committed by me, but it’s there). I don’t remember many happy dreams that I have had. I remember a few times waking up peaceful and assuming I had had a good dream, but I had no proof of it.


In all, this was a wholly unique and wondrous experience for me. It started my day out on a fantastic note that I haven’t had in a long time.