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Denying That Which I Know

I spent a lot of time denying
Things that I knew.
Hoping if I didn’t say them,
Then they couldn’t be true.
But it never changed
Just how I loved you.

You weren’t my first,
And you won’t be my last,
But it hurts all the same.
You told me we wouldn’t be,
But my heart could not accept
What my mind could see.

I only wanted love,
But all I found was pain.
And now I try to forget
So that I might love again.
And pray that she won’t hurt me
The ways that you have.


I’ve written a lot in this blog. Of all that I have written, it is the poetry that I love the most. In it, I am able to make something beautiful out of my pain. I’ve written a lot of poetry about my pain and the effects of unrequited love. In truth, this was never what I wanted to write about. I have always wanted to write love songs. I wanted to write about beauty and love and passion, but I’ve never known any of that, so I couldn’t write about it. So, I ended up writing about dark things, weaving beauty into the words as best as I could. No matter how dark, I always tried to write it in a poignant or interesting way.