Lost and Searching


I am… forgotn. I found the name over a decade ago. It started as a name for gaming and then it just stuck. It became the moniker I signed my art with. It became my entire self when I lost who I was. It is my alter ego. It is everything I am and wish to be. It is no longer the only me though. As I move towards reclaiming my life, forgotn shrinks. He fades away and goes back to his roots. I will sign my art with it for many years, but I will no longer live as forgotn.

Now that you know about forgotn, you can know the real me. Jeremiah is a very lost man that has lived as a boy for many years. I lived as a man outwardly, but I was very much the scared little boy that everyone picked on. Jeremiah had his soul bruised in elementary school. He was so very scared, and he retreated deep within himself. He began to write and eventually crafted forgotn to protect himself from others. He is trying to shed that persona now and become fully himself for the first time ever.

And that brings us to this blog. This blog, for now, is about me expelling the shit I have held in for so very long. This is my catharsis and my therapy. It is extremely personal and I do not expect many to read it, but I need to write it. It will change, in time. As I grow, I won’t need it to be so cathartic and dark. I would like to do other stuff with this, but I am not there yet.

So, for now, I hope that you enjoy what you read and get to know me some.

One response

  1. Writing is very cathartic to me as well, friend.

    September 15, 2012 at 7:48 pm

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