Lost and Searching

Self Portrait

I got my graphics tablet today, finally. It’s a Wacome Create. Got a killer deal on it and I am so incredibly happy to have it.


As I said in my last entry, I didn’t get to play with it at first due to work, but once I did… oh man, it was on. I did something I haven’t really done in years. YEARS.


I drew a self portrait. I hadn’t planned on it, I never draw myself. I rarely even take pictures of myself. But, when I started, this is what happened.



It’s not 100% me, but it’s the me I see. It is the me I will aim to be. It’s not perfect, but I am in love with it. I have never before really drawn a person in color. I mostly made it all up as I went on, but I think it turned out well. I have plans for another “self portrait” that I want to do in the near future. It will be the full form of the version of me that I see in my mind, but I need to play more and get better before I can do that. I’ll get there though. If I can do this in the first time playing, I think I can do better with application.


There is a bit of a disconnect when drawing with a tablet as you are looking at a screen and drawing on something entirely different, but it does not feel like it will be a heavy learning curve. It is already starting to feel more natural to me. I am excited to see where all of this goes.

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