Lost and Searching


Cacophonous Resonance

Cacophonous Resonance

Sometimes, you find new shit on photoshop and you distort it to the point that it should be broken, and then you make art with it. This is what that looks like.

Started fiddling with adjustments and then I found the threshold adjustment, which I used to push an image until it cracked and bled, and then I pushed it some more and found color by accident.

Speaking of photoshop, I will be going out to buy a wacom tablet tomorrow. I don’t entirely know what I want to draw yet,but I know that it will really open up photoshop to me. Until now, I have just been fucking with stuff in it. I mostly have to work with brushes created by others as well as assorted other settings that I can use to make the random and the abstract happen. Once I get the wacom, I will be able to draw things on my own, which will release me from the limits that I have had until now. I’m pretty excited about this and I can’t wait to finally get it and start playing. If I can make stuff like this with a mouse and settings, I have no idea just what I can do with my full artistic abilities available to me.


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