Lost and Searching

Metaphysical Ponderings

Something is off today. I can’t figure out what. It actually started as a good day. Went for a walk, talked, listened to music, cooked, cleaned, and accomplished things I needed to get done. Yet still the feeling lingers, that something is off. It has even been a good day at work. By all rights and standards, today should be a good day. But it’s not.

I’m not even sure where to start to try and figure out what’s wrong. Maybe the universe is what’s off. Maybe I’m out of sync with it today. What if it had other plans for me today? I can’t think of what they would have been, but it’s possible. I never felt an urge to be doing something more than what I did, so I’m not sure if that is it.

Or, what if it is my old self wrestling with the new me? I expelled him for good on a trip recently and he hasn’t fought much since then. Maybe he just worked up the courage today. He was always a scared little bastard. It would take him this long to fight back. Though, I suspect this is not the case, the feeling does not go to my soul. It is more in my immediate area, like and unseen force trying to bring something on. What that is, I do not know.

I guess I’ll just have to think on it more. Maybe it will come to me, or maybe it won’t. Either way, I think tomorrow will turn out for the better. Everyday is ordinary, until it isn’t.

One response

  1. Michael

    Devil tryin to ruin your day don’t think pray!

    August 28, 2012 at 1:56 pm

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